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| Change lamps in pairs


| Change lamps in pairs



All good things come in pairs

Avoiding safety risks through light

Until they do, they’ll be driving with just one headlight. This

leads to a level of low light that drivers often underestimate,

resulting in a significantly reduced field of vision and there-

fore to an increased risk to safety. But drivers can prevent

this by being more proactive in replacing their lamps before

they go out.

Always in pairs

Over time, the amount of light produced by headlights di-

minishes. This means that drivers should regularly check

that they still work – and replace them if necessary. It is rec-

ommended that they be checked once a year and ex-

changed every two to three years. But replacing just one

lamp and not the other can lead to an imbalance in spot-

light. The one replacement lamp will be brighter than the

lamp that was not replaced, so it is important to replace the

lamps in pairs to ensure optimal light output and visibility.

Not doing so could also be a potential safety risk.

Products that add more value recommended

The quality among headlights can differ widely. Thinking

ahead and replacing lamps before they become an issue

will give you more time to consider which lamps suit your

needs best. Not all replacement lamps provide the same

level of quality that comes with the lamps in a brand-new

car. The best option is to go with a good quality, value-add-

ed product you can depend on and that offers a suitable

design, light output and lifetime. NEOLUX’s broad portfolio

offers customers a diverse selection of adequate lamps

based on their preferences and needs.

These include the “Standard” products as well as the per-

formance lamps “Extra Light”, which provide everything its

name implies: extra light. With a longer and brighter light

cone, these performance lamps provide better light com-

pared to standard products, helping drivers spot dangerous

situations sooner and more accurately, and thereby increas-

ing valuable reaction times. Offering garages and customers

good quality and performance products, NEOLUX’s broad

vehicle lamp portfolio makes sure drivers can always see in

the dark.

New lamps provide a greater amount of light than

old ones

If just one of the lamps is replaced because the other

seems to still be working, the spotlight beam may become

unbalanced. The driver may struggle to see the road

ahead because it is not properly illuminated. And anyone

approaching from the opposite direction may have trouble

seeing the oncoming car – or even mistake it for a


Once one lamp is broken, it won’t be long before the

other one fails

Changing in pairs reduces the risk that the other lamp will

fail while driving. Plus, going to the garage or store twice

for two separate lamps would take up more time than

necessary, and installing the lamps at two different times

amounts to extra work you could save yourself.

Most drivers think they have nothing to worry about as long as their headlights function – all

they have to do is change their lamps if they break or burn out. But what if it takes a while

before they get the opportunity to replace a broken lamp?

It’s common knowledge that tires, brakes, shock absorbers and wiper blades need to be

changed in pairs. The same goes for lamps.

Not convinced to change in pairs?

Exchange your lamps before they go out in the dark

Lamp performance and power decreases over time, gener-

ating less light as they near the end of their lifetime. This

reduces the drivers’ field of view and impacts visibility at

night – making situations less safe.

Do it right from the start

When choosing lamps, it’s important to consider what you

need in terms of lighting. By sticking with a brand-name

manufacturer like NEOLUX, you get a good solution to keep

your drives illuminated for a long time to come.

Two closing thoughts.