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12V Halogen headlight lamps


12 V Halogen headlight lamps

Standard, Extra Light, Blue Light or Extra Lifetime?

The choice is yours!

The NEOLUX range of halogen headlight lamps offers

solutions for almost any need.

Do you value a wide range and reliable quality?

Standard 12 V halogen headlight lamps offer a variety

of sockets and wattages.

Want to see even more on the road?

The high-performance Extra Light 12 V halogen headlight

lamps from NEOLUX give up to 50% extra light 



Still looking for more light?

The brand-new 130% Extra Light lamps offer higher

performance over the 50% products. With a longer light

cone and the ability to produce up to 130% extra light 



this lamp makes an ideal fit for headlight upgrades.

Do you follow trends and make choices

based on design?

The bluish white light of our Blue Light 12 V halogen

headlight lamps featuring xenon look give you a stylish


Tired of having to replace your headlight lamps?

With our Extra Lifetime headlight lamps, lamps need to

be replaced less often. This gives you greater comfort

and low-maintenance light for a longer period of time.

Car lamps from NEOLUX ensure the roads ahead are well-lit and visible to others.

1 Compared to minimum ECE R112 requirements


130% Extra Light

50% Extra Light

Blue Light

Extra Lifetime

Our 12 V Halogen solutions