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N499KIT - 12 V Mini Box H7

Product family features

  • Contains the key headlight and auxiliary lamps
  • Compulsory in many countries
  • Practical box
  • Lamps inside the kit are ECE certified
  • Good quality thanks to German technology

Product family benefits

  • Suitable for the most common headlight and auxiliary lamps
  • Easily storable in any car
  • Reliable manufacturer
  • Reliable products
  • Affordable

Areas of application

  • Automotive lighting

Product information

  • Application (Category and Product specific)

Electrical data

  • Nominal voltage
    12.0 V

Dimensions & weight

  • Product weight
    38.30 g

Equipment / Accessoires

ECE category Amount of article Neolux reference
R5W N207
P21W N382
P21/5W N380
W5W N501
H7 N499

Packaging information

Product description EAN Packaging types Amount of article
N499KIT 4008321784100 Unpacked 1
N499KIT 4052899593701 Unpacked 1