Lighting your way on the road with NEOLUX

NEOLUX offers high quality headlight and auxiliary bulbs for price-conscious consumers. Our product offerings include specialty bulbs to satisfy discerning drivers, as well as standard replacement bulbs with advantageous features all drivers will appreciate.

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NEOLUX: a broad portfolio of vehicle bulbs

The NEOLUX brand supplies with our new range of xenon and LED products now all major automotive lighting technologies. Our broad portfolio features the most commonly-purchased bulbs for cars, trucks, and motorcycles, covering more than 90% of the demand for standard bulb types. Our product portfolio, paired with sales support, clear displays, and premium packaging, allows consumers to easily select the correct bulb type they need.

NEOLUX also offers a wide range of value-added products to meet specific consumer needs. From products with an extended life to products with enhanced styles, we offer performance-tested automotive bulbs for almost every driver.

NEOLUX - a good choice

NEOLUX automotive bulbs are specified according to strict German quality standards and comply with ECE R37 respectively R99 as far as relevant. We continuously monitor all specifications and production processes to ensure NEOLUX lights are in the top league on the road.

Our halogen bulbs² conform to ECE R37 and ECE R99 regulations, making them approved for use across Europe and rest of the countries around the world which are agreed to follow UNECE 1958 agreement. Thanks to an innovative design, NEOLUX halogen bulbs surpass ECE safety regulations for UV radiation. They are suitable for the most types of headlights, with glass or plastic lenses.

NEOLUX gas discharge bulbs (HID) also comply with ECE R99 and can be operated with all commercially available ballast.

Like all NEOLUX bulbs our LED bulbs are also produced according to high NEOLUX standards and ensure energy efficient and long life interior illumination. Nevertheless they are approved for offroad use only when used in an exterior application. Please note that use on public roads leads to cancellation of vehicle operation license and loss of insurance cover.

NEOLUX automotive lighting - the advantages at a glance:

  • High quality at an affordable price
  • Popular product features
  • Clear product range of the most frequently-purchased automotive bulbs
  • Market-oriented sales support

² Exception: NEOLUX High Wattage bulbs are approved for off-road use only. Illegal use on public roads leads to cancellation of vehicle operating license and loss of insurance cover.