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NEOLUX: Lighting your way on the road! A wide range of aftermarket quality bulbs for your vehicle.

The NEOLUX brand is one of the leading and well respected brands in the UK aftermarket offering a comprehensive product portfolio of the most commonly-purchased automotive bulbs for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Renowned for quality and versatility, NEOLUX bulbs deliver remarkable illumination at prices attractive to value-oriented consumers.

Neolux Cars


NEOLUX bulbs for cars - an entire range to suit all requirements.

Utility Vehicles

Utility Vehicles

NEOLUX bulbs for trucks - as versatile as your vehicle.

Neolux Motorcycles


NEOLUX bulbs for motorcycles - perfect for the open road.

Spare Bulb Kits

Spare Bulb Kits

NEOLUX spare bulb kits - for on-the-go replacement.